23 - 25 October, 2018 | Hilton London Kensington, London, United Kingdom

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Danish Army sees urgent need for digital mortar systems

In an active battlefield, the factor of response time is vital. Digital systems have been taking the effort in calculation out of the hands of soldiers for some time, enabling split-second turnaround from decision-to-action and minimising the risk of error. However, the transition is not without ...

Future Mortar Systems: The Emerging Challenges

A new dawn for mortar systems has arrived. While lessons and upgrades have been harnessed from Afghanistan, tomorrow's conflicts may present an entirely different environment with a number of emerging obstacles. These considerations are just some of the operational problems that delegates will be ...

Mortar Developments: A Special Forces Operational Insight

Lt Col Bandieri speaks to Defence IQ and gives us a special forces operational insight on mortar developments. He discusses optimising interoperability and joint firepower capabilities for the special forces and infantry.

Q&A: Chris Foss on Mortar and Artillery Developments

The increasing significance of interoperability, the role of joint fires, developments in precision and communication technology, and an increasingly resilient adversary all provides much to be considered for  international operators of artillery and mortar systems.

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Preparing for the 2030 land environment

While the focus for mortar systems was on firepower a few years ago, it is now on mobility and flexibility for the troops, and the elimination of the 120mm systems from the U.S. Marine Corps’ arsenal is only one example demonstrating this shift. Ahead of this year’s Future Mortar Systems conference,...

A global overview of mortar requirements

On tomorrow’s battlefield, technologically proficient adversaries will deny allied troops their freedom of manoeuvre, while small and highly dispersed tactical forces will become a valuable mean of projecting combat power. This will strongly impact their TTPs and consequent future mortar systems development, acquisition and employment.Defence IQ has researched where there...

Infographic: Future Mortar Systems - Overview of an ever changing market

The doctrine and TTPs of NATO’s land forces are continually reassessed as they look to win the assymetric fight of today and prepare for the near-peer conflict of tomorrow. The employment of indirect firepower therefore must continue to evolve and adapt to more hybrid and complex tactical battlespaces. We asked...

Future Mortar Systems - Countering emerging threats: maintaining success in dynamic tactical environments

Mortars are an essential asset for land and amphibious forces, providing organic firepower support for the dismounted soldier. Used by the infantry, artillery and marines, mortars are a low-cost and versatile capability that can be of vital importance in a tactical battlespace. However, as land forces look to counter the...