23 - 25 October, 2018 | London, UK

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Future Mortar Systems 2017 - Sample Delegate List

Take some time to view the sample delegate list for Future Mortars 2017 here. 

Danish Army sees urgent need for digital mortar systems

In an active battlefield, the factor of response time is vital. Digital systems have been taking the effort in calculation out of the hands of soldiers for some time, enabling split-second turnaround from decision-to-action and minimising the risk of error. However, the transition is not without ...

Accelerated Precision Mortar Initiative (APMI)

The first mortar with an onboard guidance system, the APMI’s GPS transceiver adjusts its flight path using computer controlled folding fins and the fuse can be programmed to detonate at height, on contact, or after a delay, as demonstrated in this video. Find out more at Future Mortar Systems 201 ...

Mortar Developments: A Special Forces Operational Insight

Lt Col Bandieri speaks to Defence IQ ahead of his presentation at the Future Mortars conference, and gives us a special forces operational insight on mortar developments. He discusses optimising interoperability and joint firepower capabilities for the special forces and infantry.

Future Mortar Systems: The Emerging Challenges

A new dawn for mortar systems has arrived. While lessons and upgrades have been harnessed from Afghanistan, tomorrow's conflicts may present an entirely different environment with a number of emerging obstacles. These considerations are just some of the operational problems that delegates will be ...

Q&A: Chris Foss on Mortar and Artillery Developments

The increasing significance of interoperability, the role of joint fires, developments in precision and communication technology, and an increasingly resilient adversary all provides much to be considered for  international operators of artillery and mortar systems.

Precision Guidance Kit (PGK) Operational

ATK's Precision Guidance Kit (PGK) transforms existing 155mm high explosive artillery projectiles into affordable, GPS-guided precision weapons. PGK provides maneuver forces with an organic, precision capability that is highly responsive and available around the clock and in all weather condition ...

We Bring You Fire: Rockwell Collins' mobile targeting system

The FireStorm Integrated Targeting System, the Rockwell Collins system that has been benefiting JTACs and FACs for several years, is now being offered as a wearable technology as the defence market continues to adapt to demands for soldier mobility. The development will keep the company ahead of ...

No CAS? No Problem! Ground-Launched SDB could close the gap

Since 2011, Boeing has been undertaking work to develop a way to modify its air-launched GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb (SDB) into a ground-launched artillery rocket. As an entirely company-funded project, the initiative was designed to provide a new capability for land forces by enabling them to car ...

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Infographic: Future Mortar Systems - Overview of an ever changing market

The doctrine and TTPs of NATO’s land forces are continually reassessed as they look to win the assymetric fight of today and prepare for the near-peer conflict of tomorrow. 

Future Mortar Systems - Countering emerging threats: maintaining success in dynamic tactical environments

Mortars are an essential asset for land and amphibious forces, providing organic firepower support for the dismounted soldier. Used by the infantry, artillery and marines, mortars are a low-cost and versatile capability that can be of vital importance in a tactical battlespace. However, as land f ...