Enabling Tactical Lethality

Future Mortar Systems is the world's longest running conference devoted to the study of mortar technology, tactics, techniques and procedures. The principle objective of the event is to build trust, familiarity and working relationships among NATO allied and partner ground forces and combat capability managers, helping to drive interoperability towards more unified and effective joint and coalition operations.

This year’s event is all about empowering the dispersed combat unit for tomorrow’s fight. As our enemies become more technologically proficient and able to degrade or deny us our freedom of manoeuvre, small, highly dispersed tactical forces will become a valuable means of projecting combat power and gaining that access to denied territory. This concept of future land warfare has significant implications for the development, acquisition and employment of mortar systems and the TTPs of small combat units, which will need to be empowered with capabilities that enhance their survivability, mobility and lethality in more hostile and ambiguous warfighting contexts. It is with this in mind that we are hosting this year’s Future Mortars conference, which will address the investment needed to sustain, modernise or innovate tactical weapon systems to maintain tactical dominance..

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The 2018 Agenda in Brief:

Lethality in Denied Environments:

Improving targeting and engagement capabilities for the tactical force

Mortars in the Megacity:

Indirect Fires in Future Terrains

Range and Precision:

Building the lethality and tactical dominance of the dismounted soldier

Irregular Ops:

Amphibious Fires & Lightweight Mortars in Special Operations

Affordability and Programme Delivery:

Lifecycle management of mortar systems and munitions

Gaps and Investment:

Perspectives from R&D and industry on precision munitions, digitized fire control and advanced lethality systems

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