Redefining the Mortar System for the Future Operating Environment

25-26 October 2016 | Kensington Close Hotel, London
27 October 2016 | Copthorne Tara Hotel, London

The 6th Annual Future Mortar Systems conference is the premier international forum for military thought-leaders, program managers and industry experts to engage with and debate the most pertinent issues surrounding contemporary and future mortar systems and the drivers of indirect firepower technology. The long-standing success of this event lies in its dedication to ensure an open and solution-driven dialogue between key stakeholders in the field, and we look forward to continuing this trend in October through the conference's diverse programme of speakers and industry supporters.

In previous events, the conference has given a platform to subject matter experts to discuss a whole range of issues, from live-fire and simulation training to precision-guided mortars, ongoing platform upgrades, and indirect fire strategy. Whilst the 2016 Conference will continue to advance these important issues, it will also explore new and emerging topics at the forefront of strategic and technological thinking in defence, such as digitized weapons system vulnerabilities, munitions safety, and the employment of organic firepower in the Special Forces.

The event is also international in its scope, with early confirmed speakers for the 2016 event from the U.S, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, and France. This will ensure that military personnel from across the world can share lessons learned and best practice with their contemporaries which, in this ever-volatile threat environment, is perhaps more important than ever.

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Expert Speakers Include:

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What are the benefits of attending this year?

Gain exclusive insight from international mortar operators on their capabilities, future requirements and operational experience

Find out what strategies or technologies are being used to enhance accuracy, range, and lethality, whilst also ensuring logistical simplicity and mobility, to better support your indirect fire capability

Network with the global mortars community, all in attendance to address urgent challenges and explore new avenues for cooperation and improvement in capabilities

Learn about the most recent and upcoming developments in mortar technologies including: precision-guided munitions, digital command and control systems, GPS software vulnerabilities, insensitive munitions, and simulations

Gain access to new doctrinal thinking on the future role of infantry indirect firepower from senior military officials

Get a rare opportunity to share expertise and operational experience with the a diverse community of experts from communications and cyber, the Special Forces, and R&D

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